Thursday, 28 July 2011

Cornerstone team visit to town centre building

Steve who has been our very capable and kind contact with the developers ,was good enough to take time to show the Cornerstone team round our town centre building last night . A couple could not make it ,but those who did were certainly impressed at the vast changes since many of them had been on site.
Apologies to those who are a bit tired of pictures of the development, but they are consistently among the most popular posts on the blog, as people associated with the church now (and in the past) have a look at progress. here are the the latest pictures

New member welcomed at front door ;)

Not the babtistry!


Upstairs 1

Upstairs 2

The stairs!
The Team !(Howard and Sandra couldnt be there) who have put so much work into this project

All in all a very good evening and we were delighted to see the plans of so many decades heading towards fruition
To God be the glory!

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