Saturday, 21 May 2011

I prefer NT Wright to Harold Camping

I remember when I was at university, seeing an  authours dedication on the inside of a bible commentary
"To my evangelical friends who taught me to love the bible and to my liberal friends who taught me to understand the bible" That inscription rankled then and it still does today.
However the newspapers today carry the picture of 89 year old Harold Camping who has worked out today is the end of the world.Here
They all describe Harold  as an evangelical . I can think of more appropriate(though less charitable) descriptions!
We need to take what the Bible says seriously as NT Wright does and place things in a proper context
So here is my antidote to Harold Camping. Well worth watching in my opinion


  1. Agreed, Charles. I've got a lot of time for N.T. Wright. I have a copy of his book "Jesus and the Victory of God." It's strange because I was talking on the phone to my friend, Chris, this morning; she's a reader- one of two women who are unpaid clergy- in our church. She was actually talking about N.T Wright and how helpful she found his books when she was doing her 3 year course to be a reader.

  2. Thanks for this Charles, good stuff!

  3. Thanks Pauline and Tim
    What I like about NT Wright is that he doesn't see the bible as a hidden mystery code but as a serious and God inspired book which should engage our minds as well as capture our hearts

  4. This is very much taken from his book 'Surprised By Hope'- well worth a good read

  5. Agreed Roy an excellent book!

  6. Inspired to read more of NT Wright , thankyou.

    As for Harold Camping, all I say is `fraud`

    Our church leader wrote on her facebook wall....

    `the Rapture WILL happen, and it won`t be a joke !


  7. Surprised by Hope is a great book Sylvia