Saturday, 16 June 2012

Gram Seed Shrewsbury

I took a few people who had been in our latest Alpha Group along to hear Gram Seed last night.
It was a good ,even inspiring, evening.
This evangelistic event was held in the hall of a local secondary school rather than a church building and  the organisers had clocked there was a football match on, and thus not made the mistake of putting too many chairs out.
It is always hard to judge numbers without actually counting but my guess would be around fifty plus people came with a wide age range (12-80?)
The evening was very simply done Andy Lowe sang a few songs very well indeed, and then we were into Gram's amazing story of a life turned around by God
Gram sat casually on the edge of the stage and told his story
The first part was rather harrowing as Gram described some of the fights he had been in ,the wounds he had received and the( largely poor) relationships he had had while growing up with family memebers ,as well as the times spent in prison.
Gram then described how Christians had cared for him ,prayed for him in intensive care, when people wanted to switch of  the life support machine, his miraculous healing and and the fact that God turned his life around- It was a very moving story which is still continuing
Gram is speaking tonight (see photo for details) and he is well worth hearing as a living witness to what God can do !


  1. how inspiring, challenging and a reminder that 'no-one' is outside of God's love and forgiveness.

  2. It was a good evening and I think really touched the folk I took along as well as me and as you say nop one is outside Gods amazing love