Monday, 4 July 2011

choosing to die

Thanks to The Simple Pastor  for this link on the question of Assisted Suicide here from The Christian Medical Fellowship
It is well worth reading and the comments below offer an insight into the issues- though some comments  generate more heat than light!
I worked for a time as a (part time)hospice chaplain and I believe the answer is in better palliative care which should become more widely available; as  a recent report recommended here


  1. Our closest and longest standing friend has just passed away having been cared for at home and then for a week in a hospice. As ill and frail as he was his spirit rose up at the end and not only was he praying for people and prophesying he saw Jesus standing at a door waiting to open it for him.

    Worth waiting for. The hospice care he received both at home and in the hospice was amazing.

  2. I agree hospice care can often be amazing Barbara
    We need to make it more available for more people