Monday, 18 July 2011

Mark Driscoll -again!

 A few days ago I published my thoughts on the latest  Mark Driscoll  controversy here
Many other bloggers did the same .Most were hostile to what Driscoll had put on Facebook
One blogger has however done some more  research, and while not defending Mark, does put what he says in the context of his past life and present ministry
It is worth reading, and he asks some good questions click here Internet Monk


  1. an interesting post, I find myself torn between understanding and anger. One reason I have not joined in with the whole debate is that it quite simply that we are so culturally removed from his situation that I don't have the right to comment (I say that from a background of having lived in Texas).

  2. I think your feelings are similar to mine Sally, and your right to say that he (like us)is a product of his cultural background.Your knowledge of Texas will be much greater than mine, but I do know some very sensitive and thoughtful Texan men.

    While I agree with much of Mark's theology (though not his views on the ministry of women)
    ,and admire many of his gifts
    I wish he would be more gentle sometimes -Isn't gentleness a Christian quality?