Saturday, 25 June 2011

Cornerstone Group

Baptists in Shrewsbury have dreamed about building a new town centre building for decades if not generations!
For various reasons,not by any means all to do with the church, that dream has not yet become reality. However we are getting closer!
For many years now a group has been set up to dream,to plan ,to think about what that building may look like
In the last few years this has been called the Cornerstone group.
As our new building nears completion we have been meeting very regularly.
As you would expect with any group thinking about buildings and what goes in them,this is a group filled with people who are good on detail (I am the great exception to that!)

Today we went and spent a day together at Sandra and Mike's house in beautiful North Shropshire countryside. They were wonderful and generous hosts. I even managed to get this photo of Mike on the drums

Sandra chaired the group and  was really great at moving us forward and ensuring we didn't get bogged down and made decisions
Recognising we are getting late in the day to ask for many changes ,we began by going through the overall layout of the building in groups. I thought this was pretty productive and lots of good ideas were shared

Fortified by an excellent lunch,we then looked at the  building room by room , thinking about where doors should be ,what floor coverings ,lighting , and furniture we would need in order to fulfil the vision God has given us ,to bless our local community

Being very much a big picture person I was incredibly grateful for other peoples gifts and their willingness to use them in the service of The Kingdom

There is loads still to be done and a lot more meetings to have but today we prayed together, ate together,laughed together and moved things forward a long way!

It was good to be there!

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