Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thank you John Stott!

I heard today that John Stott had died
I never spoke to him personally,but his life had an enormous impact on mine,  many years ago I heard him preach at All Souls, and I have read and learned from so many of his books. as i look on my bookshelf  I see a number  including "The Cross of Christ" ,"Basic Christianity" and"Issues Facing Christians Today"

 I  am preaching through Acts at the moment& I have leaned heavily on Stott's excellent commenatry in the Bible Speaks Today Series.

John Stott gifts were matched by his character and his humility.He understood that in the topsy turvy world of The Kingdom ,the greatest person is the greatest servant.

Here is a brief clip from his last sermon. He was an old man but still preaching a powerful message

At the conclusion of this sermon, Stott asked everyone to bow their heads for a few moments of silent prayer. Everyone did so, and when they lifted up their heads again and opened their eyes – the stage was empty.

No rousing send-off, no applause, no presentations of flowers – nothing, in short, to distract attention from the Christ whom Stott has proclaimed so effectively, and with such modesty and humility, for so long.

Thank you John!
Rest in peace and Rise in glory!

a couple of tributes Here and here


  1. Double Amen :))

  2. A good obit on Stott I found in the Telegraph:

  3. thanks all -will look at that Roy