Saturday, 9 July 2011

King James Bible

Many years ago I worshipped at Hamilton Baptist Church in Lanarkshire ,Scotland.
It was a fairly traditional but very active and thoroughly evangelical church.  I owe the church a great deal as it nurtured my young faith
The minister at the time was Gordon Heath who was a great preacher and became a mentor to me.

Gordon  preached from the Authorised King James version of the Bible.
As a young Christian I remember proudly showing an elderly deacon at the church a new copy of The Good News Bible which I loved (because it was easier for me to understand).The deacon carefully examined my new bible ,looking a the line drawings,checking some of the the verses against the AV,comparing the translations.
After what seemed ,he handed the Good News Bible back to me with the memorable comment.. "Och...its alright son....,but I prefer the word of God"

For many generations in the English speaking world the King James bible was the only version of God's word the people had access too.I can still quote from it today

This year is the 400th anniversary of the King James version and NT Wright  press here  writes about some of the issues to think about when translating the bible.It is a lenghty article but well worth reading

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