Monday, 31 May 2010


A beautiful day and a bank holiday!

Among other things I have been reading my friend Peter Morden's book on CH Spurgeon.Peter was kind enough to give me a signed copy when he came to preach at our church yesterday.
Spurgeon was an impressive guy and I have always thought he must have been a rather an intimidating figure . Peters book is not only a good read but also presents Charles Spurgeon as a more rounded human being who suffered from depression among other things
The book also points out Spurgeons relevance for today and 4 lessons I have learned again
from Spurgeon a passion for prayer ,a passion for the Bible,a passion for evangelism and above all these a passion for Jesus and honouring him in word and in deed!
I commend the book to you! I should not I am sure have got as far as I have with this blog without mentioning Spuregon before

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