Sunday, 31 July 2011

The woman at the well

We have a service of believers baptism tonight & and I am speaking on the woman at the well.
I think I am right in saying it is one of the longest conversations Jesus had with an individual recorded in the gospels. The fact that the conversation took place between Jesus and a Samaritan woman, shows how radical and counter cultural the Christian faith is.
I loved this  video (that I found on youtube) which sums up the womans feelings so well


  1. That is a brilliant video and thank you for the link. The words spoken reminded me of a lady I met yesterday who shared her testimony with me.. she had been a prostitute (I think pimped by her hubby) on drugs and had her two children taken away from her and put into care. Before her husband had been put into jail (again) but this time for cracking someone's skull open - he had beaten her with buckle of his belt - she ended up in hospital and was, at this point also on drugs to ease the pain/misery of her life. Her social worker had her booked into a Christian Rehab unit and this was her lowest and highest point in her life. Lowest because she felt that the Christian workers did not identify or fully understand the pain she was in and then in despair in her room she read the Bible and read that Jesus has been spat upon and whipped and she said to me 'Finally I found someone who understood my pain of rejection, he too was misunderstood but what got me was that he had also been beaten, just like me, it was then I gave my life to Jesus.' She then became clean of drugs and fought to get her children back from care..

    Sorry rather long winded..

  2. Not long winded at all Judy but an amazing testimony
    Thanks for sharing