Sunday, 26 June 2011

Thoughts in the Park

I am probably biased but I do think Shrewsbury has one of the nicest town centre parks I have ever been in.

The River Severn bends around the edge of it and  despite being near the town centre it is often a very quiet place. In fact to my shame I doubt if I go there more than a dozen so times a year,though that may change when our new town centre building opens, as we will be only a few hundred metres away from the entrance.

This morning I  had to go in and chat to someone briefly at the site of our town centre building ,so I walked up the hill,passed St Chad's and into the park
. After walking for a while I went down into The Dingle which is beautifully planted and therefore very colourful. Again it was virtually empty
I spent a short time wondering at the beauty of it all and a short time praying but then thinking about the enormous work put in by The Shropshire Horticultural Society a 150 years or so ago to create something so beautiful to bless future generations with.This led me onto thoughts  about our  legacy to future generations

There was a popular Christian song a decade or two ago which began" I want to serve the purpose of God in my generation" That is a great desire to have, and Wesley was right when he said"We can't return to the past generation, nor reach the following, but we can serve this one. The only generation for which GOD holds us responsible is ours."

However in my view legacy is important 
That legacy is not about controlling the future,but is is about leaving an example of faith for future generations .A bit like this man did here 

We are called by God to build a building to serve His purposes
Who knows how long that building will last?
Will it be decades or centuries?Only God knows.
The legacy we should leave for future generations is not a building, but an example of people who in obedience to God's word, stepped out in faith to bless people and share Jesus with them.

God grant us grace to leave a legacy like that!

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