Thursday, 19 May 2011

New town centre building Shrewsbury

I am very excited about our town centre ministry and all the things our almost new building( we have to keep the front facade) will enable us to do there. Being concious that God does not live in buildings made by human hands, I cant say the technical stuff about the new building fascinates me, but all the same, I have been given the responsibility ,with others, for getting it right and so today was spent in more meetings with architects and builders just trying, with their help to get it right for ministry. The whole project is now moving rapidly and some decisions need to be made fast about certain things
I did enjoy however putting on my hard hat and yellow jacket and wandering around the building and for those interested here are some pictures of the progress so far!

And here is Rob who was at the meetings with me today


  1. wow your project is very exciting too *YAY* and I do so love the front facade that is truly magnificent. Are you on twitter? Judyx

  2. no not on twitter Judy Is it good?
    Hope your feeling a little less tired and more rested

  3. I'm fine thanks Charles - thank you for asking. I am a yo-yo twitter :) I'm on it for a while then off then back on then off NOW I'm back on again. It's good for keeping up to day with info on fresh expressions etc

    Have a good day, love Judyx