Thursday, 24 June 2010

Helping people grow

I am now turning my thoughts away from boxes,foxes and chickens towards discipleship!

One of the most challenging changes the missional church needs to make, is to help people grow.This will be one of the great themes of our new church in 2011 and one I am thinking about now!

One shift we will need to make is to allocate more time to people development ,(both our own and other peoples, for the two are powerfully connected)
I honestly believe that I need to focus more on developing myself and other people rather than supporting more meetings or programmes.
If I am going to do that some things will have to be given up and I am thinking and praying about what those things might be .Of course giving things up may not make be universaly popular, but I need to demonstrate in my own life the things I want to see happen in the whole church.( ie people discipling each other and helping each other grow in Christian maturity.This has to start with the church leaders but it must not end there

For some time now people have asked the reasonable question " What are we going to do with our buildings?"
It is a question that deserves some thought but its not the key issue. Our buildings will not dictate the sucess or failure of our church ,nor will the events or ministries we put on- but our discipleship will
The big question for our leaders, and utimately for us all, is this; Are we helping people towards Christian maturity?, If we are then prayer will increase ,evangelism will happen and people and the church will grow.

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