Friday, 22 July 2011

More photos town centre building

We had another  meeting about our new town centre building this morning  and afterwards went on site to see progress.
All is going well.the roof goes on in the next week or so and the internal walls are now satrting to be built.
I am sure it will be a great space to work from, and a great building to work in
We still have some decisions to make though about the building. We are also very keen indeed to get an atrium on the front.
As always I had my camera phone to take some photos with

Inside downstairs

Upstairs (love the big windows!)

As the time goes on I feel nervous but also very excited about all that God will do!



  1. Hi Charles

    Bulding work is coming along and yes the big windows look great. We are hoping to get the keys for our building next month and so I'm busy ordering furniture etc to arrive at the end of the August..

    I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth!! just decided to join a two blogging friends and just keep a daily blog.. mine's called 'before going to bed'

    take care, Judyx

  2. good to hear that Judy I have now found where you are!Havent got to odering furniture yet but we arent far away! How are you celebrating the opening I am always open to pinching great ideas!I really want to make it something for the community and not just the church