Monday, 18 July 2011

Summer Days

When I was a young minister I used to bemoan the fact that everything seemed to slow down in August.There were less meetings .I wanted to get on with the work!

As I  have got older and (at least in this regard!) wiser,I have come to appreciate the slower rhythm of church life in the summer holidays.
It gives many people, not least the many volunteers who do so much great work, the chance to catch their breath and hopefully relax, with family and friends, and be renewed both physically and spiritually

This past year has been enjoyable ,exciting and at times exhausting! Partly ,that is the natural consequence of adding a  building project to an already busy church life,partly it is that I am feeling my age!

Of course there are church things happening in the summer including Holiday clubs for both children and older people but we have very gifted people organising and running them without my involvement ,so I am looking forward to reading,to thinking ,to praying and to planning for a busy autumn.
2nd, 3rd & 4th August 2011 in the Church

In case however any of you older readers are in the area and want to come along above  is the publicity for Senior Moments! More details will appear  here Shrewsbury Baptist website

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