Wednesday, 12 May 2010


While the mind of the nation was on getting a government I was preparing for a double hernia op.My fault for lifting too much ,too often!
I wouldnt say I was scared but I was certainly a little bit apprehensive as I headed into hospital

I discovered that there is nothing like a hospital admission to make you feel your own mortality and frailty
The staff were very nice and I certainly was aware of many people praying for me.

I had never had a general anaesthetic before,and it was a very strange feeling, as I fell asleep ,having to entrust myself completely into the care of others ,an anaesthetist, a surgeon ,theatre nurses and probably others too .I was totally dependant on them doing their job well

Two hours or so later I woke up to be told the op had gone well by 5pm I was heading home sore and groggy but at least on the way to recovery with hernias duly repaired thanks to the medics skills
I have wondered since, why we dont trust ourselves to God more ?Realising that whether we know it or not we are totally dependent on him for everything as the bible says "in Him we live and move and have our being"
Secondly I am having to learn to rest ,to recuperate .Not an easy lesson for a rather frantic personality like me to learn!
Thanks for your prayers!

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