Monday, 30 August 2010

Missional Renaissance chapter 5

Chapter 5 From program devt to people devt
Are people better of being part of this church or just tireder and poorer?
This is a tough shift to make! Developing people is hard for it requires building relationships, not just delivering a product. We must have a true commitment to helping people grow
We must mentor people inside and outside the church
God is not more interested in developing people inside the church than outside
We must develop people! Church is not to be the centre of a persons spiritual experience! Everyday living is where spirituality is worked out Loving god and loving neighbours cannot just be fulfilled at church
Being salt and light doesn't mean a holy huddle. It doesn't even work for church members. Reveal study at willow Creek proves this ! Willows most engaged members were unhappy with their personal growth
Fostering a people development culture
From standardisation to customisation People are no longer going to let the church provide a template for their spiritual journeys. This could be bad news but it does give opportunities
From scripting to shaping For centuries we told people how to grow spiritually And people did it
In today's culture people want to take more responsibility for their own affairs eg health,education etc If you go to a gymn the trainer will ask mr x what do you want to achieve?.Spiritual leaders pay attention! This is labour Intensive-yes but surely we are not too busy for people?
Idea 1. Ask people what they want to achieve and based on their responses. Help them to achieve those goals
Idea 2 offer life coaching
From participation to maturity Maturation is messy it takes time Maturation happens where there is mutual accountability Where people are coached,celebrated and challenged Remember Peter up one minute down the next We are like him but Peter kept growing because he was part of a spiritual community pulling him forward
From delivering to debriefing We focus on teaching but people need to debrief their lives! To examine experiences and learn from them
Make space for this even in your services! Eg where did you see god at work this week? What was your biggest challenge?
From didactic to behavioural Mustn't be teacher dominated yes give people info but also help them apply it. We need to help people become followers of Jesus So Jesus said love your neighbour and in parable showed them what that meant practically!(good Samaritan)
From curriculum centred to life centred Not just here to study bible but to apply it and let it inform us help people to examine their lives story page 105
Growing into service to growing through service In missional church service is an expression of first step of spirituality not an ultimate goal we growmmost when we are serving others we. Grow most through serving
From compartmentalisation to integration In new testament acts of ministry primarily done not in church but in Market place they were the church In the world
All life relationships are kingdom opportunities! All life activity is kingdom investment
From age segregation to integration Need to be more intergenerational do stuff together! The key to all this is relationships! People don't exist apart from relationships! The missional church is people not a place People devt is central to what we must Do The mission is about people!

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