Monday, 30 August 2010

Missional Renaissance chapter 6

Ch 6 From Measuring programmes to helping people grow Program church scorecard equals
Number of people involved
People coming to services
Church activities
Money gathered and spent on church needs
Church buildings
Staff devoted to program management
alternative scorecard
Missional Relationships cultivated
People released into service
Personal life development
Money spent on people not buildings
Life centred growth
Staff engaged in coaching people
These are big shifts!
Reallocating resources
Prayer How much prayer in services How much prayer for community
How many prayed for during the week
How many prayer meetings in community settings
How many requests from Community
Number of people reporting better relationships ie marriage, family, work, friendships.
Number of people being mentored
Number of people mentoring
Number of people growing spiritually
Number of people giving to kingdom causes
Number of people being debriefed
Leaders.a Numbers engaged in Life coaching
Numbers engaged in deeper relationship
Amount of time given to leadership devt agenda
Progress in scheduling fewer meetings
Number of life story interviews in sermons
Number of hours people spend in community service
How we use money reflects our core values
Amount of seed money invested in community
Amount of giving
Number of messages dealing with financial issues
Number of people who have made wills
Facilities % of facilities used during week for financial growth Number of external venues church is using for ministry
Space devoted to people friendly areas
Technology Number of personal growth areas offered on website Online life. Coaching People using facebook

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