Monday, 30 August 2010

Missional Renaissance chapter 8

Chapter 8 Changing the scorecard from church based to kingdom based leadership

Leaders must live the change they seek!
This will be tough We need to shift paradigms from church culture to missional movement
Leaders scorecard How many growing relationships with those who are not Jesus followers?
Number of relationships with community leaders
Intentional study plan
Number of hours in personal service for the community
Are you debriefing your personal life?
Number of stories of external missional experiences used in preaching and writing Skill development Need to be coached in order to coach
Need to use more stories and learn how to tell them
Conflict management
Transition leadership
Listening skills Celebrate and affirm others and yourself
Learn to train people as missionaries
Prayer Resource management Prayer have a prayer agenda that is missionally informed Relationships Have good relationships
Time how you spend time tells the tale
Technology Don't work for technology make it work for you
Personal proerty this too must be managed on a missional strategy
Personal growth It's all about you the message is to be wrapped up in you !

Leaders have a responsibility to grow spiritually often we will need the help of others to do this! Self awareness Single most important thing for a leader to possess
Know yourself Your personality and challenges Cognitive style Your conflict style
How you come across to other people
Your talent Your passions Hidden addictions or compulsions Family relationships With spouse With children. Emotional and spiritual health What are your spiritual disciplines like? Your emotional health? Your physical health? exercise sleep Your financial health We must pay attention to health in these areas

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