Monday, 30 August 2010

Missional Renaissance chapter 7

Chapter 7 From church based to kingdom based leadership

This is scary it means redefining current leadership patterns!

AD 30 leadership Was deployed by God across All sectors of society Lydia the merchant, Stephen the deacon, Luke physician. Timothy pastor.
Not restricted to clergy roles -Leaders were viral agents of the gospel Key changes. We need to make
1 from church job to kingdom assignment Church leaders in AD 30 did not serve church members in a Customer service relationship Not consumed with building the church as an institution Leaders did what they did for the sake of the kingdom movement God gave leaders to church as a gift for it's mission. But over time the church became institutionalised.
Hierarchies grew up Ecclesiastical matters superceded kingdom business
We need to refocus our church leadership to reflect Gods vision for the mission of his people, We need as leaders to pastor the community and not just the church! We are to lead a movement not just a church! From institutional rep to viral agent People outside church see church leaders as institutional reps We are locked into project management We Market church mainly to members"don't miss that"

Leaders of a kingdom movement see themselves very differently. They talk about God not just church! Like viral agents they want to infect people with Gods love for them
The kingdom is both taught and caught We must prepare people for kingdom assignments
From director to producer A director on a film set directs a producer finds the stories ,recruit the talent,raise the money, New testament leaders released people for ministry acts 6-they were producers If your a producer ministry doesn't collapse it radiates out from around you. The producer feeds the movement The leader should empower people to pursue their ministry passions!
From reliving the past to rearranging the future A faith built on dead people doesn't thrive
We learn from the past and it helps us discern what GOD Is doing today -now! We need to discover what GOD is upto and join him in it
From train and deploy to deploy and debrief Jesus used the deploy and debrief method They watched what he did and tried it themselves at thesis of the day they debriefed him on it He. Created teaching moments he also took people away for quality learning and prayer and relaxation We should help people in the congregation develop their skills so they can lead inthe workplace or community The church should be a partner in peoples kingdom efforts not a competitor for their time
From positional to personal Today's leaders need to have great personal skills we need to model how to live see 1 Corinthians 4v 16 So are we living what we are talking about? Are we willing to be accountable and authentic? Do we say Yes to Jesus? our role is to deploy Christians into missional lives To teach To coach To be missional strategists To train What should leaders do? Clarify your life purpose Pay attention to your emotional and physical stamina Learn how to Cope with change Ask if we are giving the kind of leadership that turns people towards the mission of GOD Our reward is to hear him say well done!

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