Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Riding and thinking

I haven't posted for a while because I have been focusing on other things but recently, I fulfilled a promise to take my daughter for a days pony trekking in achingly beautiful countryside on the Black Mountains near Hay on Wye. I have posted some photos above
I hadn't ridden for a whole day for many many years; but Mungo ( the 16.1 hands horse!) and I thoroughly enjoyed it and we even cantered a few times
I was at the back ,we were in single file and so there was a lot of time to think
Among many other things (like" what incredible views!" & "I feel quite sore!") I thought about the Christian church .This had been inspired by seeing a small chapel way up in the hills whose graveyard seemed well kept ,which may have once been the focus of a thriving farming community but which was now separated from the culture in which it is now placed.There are people who think that is a good thing. For example a small " Christian place of worship" is being built near us that has not a single window. If you want to go on a Sunday you have to phone up to get permission to go.The whole building shouts stay away your presence may contaminate us.
That is not the kind of message Jesus sent. He got his hands dirty and came along side people in their suffering and got involved and that is what the church should do! We are called to be salt and light! It is the Pharisees who shut out the world and in shutting out the world they shut the door of The Kingdom against themselves
God is calling out into the world with a heart full of love and the life changing message of the gospel! Its great if our church architecture reflects that but its essential our lives do!
PS I got a public dressing down from the trek leader for taking photos when I should have been concentrating on riding . I hope I received it with due humility!

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