Monday, 30 August 2010

Missional Renaissance chapter 1

As promised here are my rough notes for chapter one of Missional Renaissance. They are no substitute for reading the book!

Missional Renaissance Biggest devt since reformation.
Missional not an activity it is a a way of living.
3 key shifts
Internal to external.
Program development to people development.
Church based to kingdom based.
The signs New Expressions of church. Emergence of altruism economy, Internal to external ministry focus, "missional church engages community beyond it's Walls, because it believes that's why church exists" Externally focused ministries take their cues from world around them! Time,money,energy spent on those not part of their church.
This needs radical change of mindset from leaders
A changing of scorecard for how we do church!
Search for personal growth
This is a big thing today people are empowered by technology etc to do things for themselves,where others once had to do for them. People want to maximise personal devt; So- Program devt to people devt. This is hard work but we must help people grow we are not really trained for it we are groomed to do project management.
We should no longer be looking for new and better ways of doing church. But to help people in and out of the church grow spiritually.
We are to develop people not process them!
From church based to kingdom based leadership
We need kingdom leaders who understand the cultures search for God and who do not insist on people leaving their own turf to have this conversation .Our major task is not serving those who come to church! We should no longer seek to maintain an organisation but to be an incarnational influence and thus build a movement.
We must think of kingdom impact more than church growth. What's next? Missional thinking changes the game completely.
Unless we adopt this new thinking we will become irrelevant

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