Monday, 30 August 2010

Missional Renaissance chapter 4

Changing the scorecard
Prayer How often do we pray for community Rather than church? Lord help me see what you see!
Prayer walking Prayer booths Praying for community leaders Praying for community in worship services Praying for lost People.
Church leaders need to be deployed in community Give leaders time to be missionaries Insist all groups have some external element Make church calendar a community calendar
Plan with community calendar in mind
Cut some stuff to free up time for community stuff
Help members see what they do in community is ministry
Discover what buildings your community needs
Track how much the community uses your buildings!
Make sure your facilities say you are welcome (disabled,parking,lighting,toilets etc
Financial resources
Put more into community ministry
Partner with business
Apply for grants
Work with other churches
Help people contribute to community causes through the church
Technology Make sure your website enables people to report prayer concerns
Use social spaces eg facebook Podcast interviews
Post community needs on your website
Use twitter and texting to remind people of ministry opportunities
Blog your missional engagement Create possibility of gospel engagement online

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