Sunday, 3 April 2011

Weekend Away.Pioneer Centre- Roger Sutton

Roger and Lesley Sutton were our main speakers.
The first session they told us a bit about themselves and the way God had worked and indeed was working in their lives.Peter described  their story as "thrilling ,inspiring and challenging" It was certainly a powerful testimony to the difference a relationship with God can make.
On Saturday Roger told that he and Lesley had recently become grandparents and they had begun to reflect what kind of church their grandaughter Pearl would join in 2030AD and what kind of society she might live in.
Roger then described a journey that he hoped the church in the UK would make in the next 2 decades,indeed he felt that in many places the church had already begun to make this journey
Roger kindly gave me permission to quote his powerpoint headings
The Church must journey from

  • Control to reliance
  • Independence to interdependence 
  • Institutional to Personal
  • Isolation to Incarnation
  • Timidity to Confidence
  • From the rich to the poor
  • Disregard to respect
  • The Ghetto to the town hall
  • From security to adventure
  • Predictable to surprising
Roger unpacked each point individually and applied it to our situation at Shrewsbury Baptist Church.
I think what was enormously encouraging was that we felt that (even if in very imperfect ways) we were already on this road and it gave us not only confidence that this was indeed the way to go but also a determination to keep going!


  1. sounds excellent, Roger taught the Leadership Stream at Spring Harvest when we went a couple of years ago- was very good, I still apply his thinking!

  2. Yes he is a good guy Sally and Lesley was equally inspiring on spirituality Gifted people