Tuesday, 24 January 2012


As part of our week of prayer Beryl spoke on the need to lament last night.
I had heard her on the subject last year and been so helped by it that I went again last night
It was a very powerful talk.
Drawing on themes from both the Old Testament and New Testament including Psalms ,Job, Habbakuk and Romans ;Beryl demonstrated that lamenting is an important if often neglected (Beryl thought particularly by evangelicals and charismatics) part of a Christians relationship with God, but was critical if we are going to be honest in our relationship with Him.
The talk was interspersed with songs and hymns that picked up the theme I found the whole evening very inspiring
I had to leave early but the people there were going onto write their own laments
I ma hoping to persuade Beryl to let me have the notes so I can put them on this blog (with due acknowledment of course)


  1. yes, thought she was fab and so wise. And that is a sneaky photo you took!

  2. very sneaky Helen but i was brave enough to send her the link and she doesnt appear to mind!

  3. sounds great, I think lament is an under rated and under used gift, we need to learn to lament constructively!

  4. Agreed Sally and I have also read and benn inspired by your posts on the subject