Sunday, 15 January 2012

Beyond 400- Baptists and change

There is no doubt that change is starting to happen in the Baptist Union .The denomination of which I am part
The imminent change  appears to have been triggered by a financial crisis.On the basis you should never waste a good crisis there are a significant number of voices calling for radical change but the key question is "What kind of change?"
For the first time I remember  in over 25 years as a Baptist Minister my views are being sought along with all other ministers and so I replied with some fairly  robust suggestions, which could be summed up by saying "I wish the BU was more of a movement and less of an institution"
A group has been set up to look at all these replies and suggest a way forward
I have questions about the make up of this group (in my view too many academics and people paid by the centre and not enough local ministers and church people) but am hopeful that good will come out of all this
I was delighted though that a website has been set up that will alow many more people to contribute to the debate which starts online in the next week - Beyond 400 debate  for those who are interested
There is also a facebook page for those interested

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