Monday, 16 January 2012

Leaders time away Shallowford House 2012

The church leaders are back from a brilliant 24 hours at Shallowford house
These times away in very comfortable surroundings have proved so helpful to us as we seek to follow God into the future

We ate together, prayed together,planned together and enjoyed just being together.

A very diverse bunch of people with very different gifts but sharing not just a common faith in Jesus but a common calling to be leaders,and a shared passion to build the Kingdom of God to His glory!

A lot of our discussion was around how to reshape  ourselves to be more effective in what God is calling us to do and we also gave time to thinking and praying about children's and youth work.

I suppose the test of a leaders weekend is not whether we had fun (we did!) but whether the time together makes a difference (I am sure it will!) but I must say I really enjoyed being with this  great bunch of people, and as we often say to each other "It is all about relationships "!
Good relationships  demand quality time -It was good to get it!


  1. This great bunch of people is formed by great people who have great hearts for God and His Kingdom. I pray that all your enthusiasm will spread arund the church with great impact!I am so blessed to be part of our church in Shrewsbury, Charles.

  2. We are blessed to have you andRoy Cristina