Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Beyond 400- Does the future have a denomination?

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 I have linked in previous posts to a debate that is starting to happen in Baptist Union churches
about the way forward into the future
I have been interested in many of the early contributions to this debate that mostly come from pioneer ministers and they have made some important and significant points that we would do well to heed.

It is Simon Jones minister of Bromley Baptist Church however who ,for me, most accurately describes where we are as Baptists today, and coins the phrase" Does the future have a denomination?"

We as a church have been greatly helped by the Baptist Union and by its local manifestation the Heart of England Baptist Association  and especially it's  representatives, and I am always very grateful for that.
However,  most people in our churches would fail to answer the question" What is the denomination for?" They really don't identify themselves as Baptists . We need to face up to that as we seek to re-imagine the future?
You can read Simon's thoughts here: Simon Jones contribution

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