Monday, 23 January 2012

A busy but enjoyable time!

One of the things I do with this blog is to reflect some of the things going on the the life of Shrewsbury Baptist Church

Since I blogged last, Jude has been working very hard to get the building legal ,we have taken advice on fire risks, on insurance, and on a host of other matters.
We are also thinking about the invites for the opening coming up in March and sorting small teething troubles that arise with any new building.we have begun to to make the building more friendly and welcoming

Meanwhile we had our first meeting in Central which was a meeting of Mission Shrewsbury (leaders from other churches around the town)
It was a joy to welcome them in particular because a few years ago when we began to sense the direction in which God was leading us ,it is fair to say that what we were doing was not without controversy ,so I shared the vision with my fellow Christian leaders in the town and they strongly affirmed it ,which at a tough time gave us  more strength to move forward and was significant in getting us to where we are today

We have also begun to hire the building out. Great relationships are being built with the 6th form and they are using the building for their exams .We have also had other enquiries about hiring from various groups in the town. We hope this will lead to some important new contacts and relationships.

Yesterday marked the start of our week of prayer and this evening I am  going along to hear Beryl speak on lamentation.
She tackled the same subject last year and it was inspiring.
We also have a tree of thanksgiving put up in the church for children and indeed all of us to record our answers to prayer
 The focus this year is on less organised events and more on inspiring us to get together informally with others to pray and to do our own prayer walks ,prayer triplets etc  we have a great leaflet but also get  texted  and emailed info to pray about (some of it is on the churches facebook page)

Meanwhile we are moving towards the conclusion of our Alpha course which has been great I have really enjoyed getting to know a great bunch of people and it has been wonderful doing it with the folk from St Peters. The great thing about an Alpha course is the very lively discussions and questions that take place and the strong relationships that get built as always there are signs The Holy Spirit is at work.
Yesterday we celebrated Normans 80th birthday -He & Carol are great and I told him I would put a picture on my blog so here it is!

So though I havent blogged much in the last week or so life is still busy and indeed exciting

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