Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A few thoughts about logos

When I started in ministry churches had noticeboards saying what church they were and also a place where you could stick a big handwritten or (if you were very modern )printed poster
I remember in Ross we used to send ours away to a firm in Nottingham to get them sorted.
Nowadays everyone is much more publicity conscious and many churches have noticeboards ,websites and  logos

Our new church Shrewsbury Baptist Church is one new church operating in 2 locations, that is not unusual, but it does present an additional hurdle to be overcome when publicising meetings and events .

We thought it would be important to give each building a distinct logo

In the town centre one of the groups we want to work closely with is the 6th form college situated very close to our central building and with whom in the persons of Steve and Jude we were already building a partnership.

We therefore approached their art department for  help and received a positive ,even enthusiastic, response and we dedcided on a compettition to design a new logo for Central

Steve and Jude met with a number of their students and shared,the kind of church we wanted to be and how we envisaged the new building would be used, and the students came up with a number of great designs.

The winner  was a guy called Matt who came up with both the design and the strap line below it.

All in all it was a very positive exercise and we look forward to welcoming Matt and the other students to our opening where we hope to meet them and their families and make a presentation to them

We all loved this particular logo

To me it looks dynamic it represents movement and change and yet says we long to be at the heart of the community. The cross on the t is not original but it is very important too

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