Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Mr Fox

We have really enjoyed our ex battery chickens ,we gave them names nursed them back to health after their experience in the battery. First thing in the morning and last thing at night, I got them out and put them away. After the first few weeks they were more than happy to be handled and they were amazing creatures!
This morning I went out at about 7am as usual but no sign of the chickens, just a lot of their feathers around.All 3 had been killed. I can only assume by a local fox I had seen on a couple of occasions recently. How he got into the cage I am not yet sure
We will get more hens soon and I will try and improve security, but better people than me have lost hens to foxes
Reflecting on the experience ,one of the great values of pets is not only the fun they are but the reminder they give us of their and our mortality . When I was a child a pet cat got run over. It was my first experience of the death of something I loved,a reminder that not only will animals die but one day we die too!
Of course because time is short the call is redeem the time ,to use it for Gods glory. Secondly, in Jim Elliot's words When the time come to die we must make sure all we have to do is die and that we have made our peace with God long before

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