Friday, 4 June 2010

Sabbatical Day 1

Today is the first day of my sabbatical and what a beautiful ,sunny day it is!
This is a wonderful opportunity as I have written before to reflect ,to rest and to plan
Writing this blog is part of that reflection
The last few years have been very tough for me ,physically but above all spiritually and emotionally
The church has I help lead has survived and is now starting to thrive by the grace of God alone. We have a new sense of leading and direction. We are engaging together in mission to our community
It is not my purpose here to write about what has happened, but one very obvious thing I would say is that the support of other Christians in the family,the church and the local community hae been essential
I am grateful we do not have to live the Christian life alone but walk it with others
I feel blessed by so many of the people who have walked the road with me in past years They have truly been part of Gods great grace to me and I am thankful! The fact that we have been through many struggles means we are building what Hirsch calls communitas- Strong community forged through shared struggle
I will continue to see many people while on sabbatical but there also need to be space and time on my own to grow as an individual .I must be careful in Oswald Chambers word not to allow love for the work of God to replace love for God Himself

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