Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Eating together

Enjoyed a good meal out last night with my fellow church leaders .Towards the end of the evening Steve led us gently in a discussion about how we can be more intentional in our evangelism. It was a very useful discussion and I am sure we will return to this at some point.

However in this post I just want to say how good it was to be out with friends; laughing ,sharing, & eating together.If you read the gospels you discover that Jesus spent more time eating and drinking with friends than he did in synagogue. Being together in a relaxed ,open environment is good for our souls.Relationships are important ,even vital to a mature Christian life

Services are important for a whole variety of reasons, but they are not enough .
Sitting in rows on a Sunday morning is not enough to build New Testament (Koinonia) fellowship. Church is not a building it is the sharing of our lives with one another, and with God through Jesus Christ.

We can discover more about Jesus as we see Him in each others lives. Together we can find strength to deal with the stuff that life throws at us.Here we learn "to weep with those that weep and rejoice with those that rejoice"- Here we can be real

It is exciting to see friendships deepening- Long may it continue!

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