Monday, 28 June 2010

Marks of a good minister

Analysis - Christian Reformed Church

A really excellent article! Especially this bit

We believe that excellent pastors are marked by six key traits and that any programming related to pastoral excellence must aim to strategically advance these traits. Excellent pastors are those characterized by:

1.A deep, authentic relationship with God marked by prayer, godliness, and fruits of the Spirit.
2.A strong vision of the mission of the church in which the church exists not merely to sustain itself but to serve the world and minister beyond itself.
3.A thorough grasp of the biblical, pastoral and theological contours of the Christian faith and church, with an ability to communicate these contours in meaningful, relevant, and integrative ways through sound preaching and teaching, and imaginative pastoral leadership.
4.A pastoral identity that includes healthy self-understanding, strong relational skills, relationships with significant others that provide mentoring and accountability, and a balanced life with respect to work and non-work.
5.An intelligent appreciation for the congregation as a social system that requires creative and patient leadership in the face of anxieties and conflict.
6.A commitment to lifelong learning, including personal, spiritual, intellectual, and professional growth and development.
A well-lived pastoral life gives evidence of these marks of good ministry. They represent vital habits and practices for sustaining pastors in ministry. In contrast to more utilitarian models, it is this holistic vision of pastoral excellence that needs to be promoted, taught, modeled, and encouraged through sustained programs and relationships.

A great aid as I think about my future role in the church

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