Tuesday, 1 June 2010


My church has been kind enough to grant me a sabbatical

I was very touched by the numbers who turned up to pray for me at a recent evening service. As I take time away from the busyness of ministry to pray to reflect ,to read, and yes ,to rest.

I thought it may be a useful discipline, and just possibly helpful to others, to put down on this blog at least a bit of what I am thinking and doing.

Before the sabbatical starts there is the handing over of pastoral concerns and other matters which will happen in the next 3 months .I am staying at home ,I imagine that if you were going to Honolulu( no seriously I have heard of a Baptist minister who is!) Then getting away would be even more stressful -though it would have its compensations!

Letting go of situations ,and even more of of people you care about, is quite difficult. I know myself well, I was not cut out to be a hermit ,so I will stay in touch with people, even if on a much less frequent basis.

It is very important to me that when I get back to work in early September, that I have not just thought about the direction of the church which will be stimulating, but the areas of church life that I feel called to minister in (God willing) in the next 10 or so years I have left in ministry. Carpe Diem!

All your prayer are appreciated!

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