Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I had a number of aims for my sabbatical .One was to get my office sorted at last!
This meant nor only unpacking boxes and boxes of books, but also sifting through years of paperwork ,shredding some, recycling some and keeping some.
Like any minister I have had what I think of as tough times, but actually going through the paperwork was an unexpected blessing.There were newspaper cuttings of funerals I did long ago of people who were/are precious to me (not gone just gone before) Joyce and Stan and Peggy among others ,There were lovely letters of thanks for small things I had done or words I had said.There were bible texts and bible booksmarks and even bibles people had given to me! There was also a painting Dora had painted- All these I have kept ,wonderful reminders of the thoroughly undeserved priveledge I have had of ministering to God's people over the last 27 years.
There may have been tough times but I havent gone through them alone ,God has been with me and has blessed me and my family & with wonderful friends who have wept with me and laughed with me and prayed with me. These people are great encouragers. I thank God for them all

PS The office is pretty tidy Mission 1 accomplished!

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