Thursday, 1 July 2010


Just begun this book and am so far challenged by the case that Kreider makes ,which is supported by biblical evidence.
As someone in my mid 50's I was startled by the assertion that Kreider makes that "Few Bible leaders finish well" ( There are massive exceptions to that ,of course; Jesus Himself and Paul for starters!) but there is enough truth in it to make me think.

I also was reminded of 2 people who have mentored me over the years.

The first was Gordon Heath my first pastor at Hamilton Baptist Church who encouraged this shy ,young boy lacking in confidence (no honestly!)that God really could use me. Gordon also taught me that it is not enough to inform in a sermon ,the preacher must also inspire people to live up to the call of the gospel. I have rarely succeeded but Gordon taught me that this is the preachers calling.

My other mentor who was so very helpful to me in my early years in ministry was Pat Goodland,who had done an awesome job as pastor of Gorsley Baptist Church and who encouraged and inspired and advised me for so many years.

Gordon has long since died and Pat is I think about 80 now but their influence on me and I am sure on many other lives on ! They both finished well I thank God for them!
That is my task now over whatever years God gives to me to finish well and by God's grace to inspire others to be disciples as I have been inspired!


  1. It is a sobering thought. I have noted from my son Jonny and his exuberant black and white faith how easy it is to lose that enthusiasm for the gospel as life takes it's toll on ones life. 'Lord save me from becoming a grumpy old man!'
    Having a day of prayer on Sunday for the future of Ballingham. Please remember us in your prayers too. Rob

  2. Will do Rob! keep me in touch