Sunday, 19 July 2009

Thoughts on Leadership!

Have look at this youtube video YouTube - Evolution Of Dance Party

Mark Sayers comments on it
So much of leadership and innovation involves taking the first step. One of the keys to innovative leadership is having the guts to break from the crowd and risk looking like a nutcase for a while. So many of us fail to do this because we are afriad. Many of us want to be creative and innovative without the cost, we want to lead but only after there is a small crowd already signed up and ready to follow. Sadly this rarely if ever happens.

We want the power and recognition without the risk of looking stupid. To be an innovative leader, you have to get up, and have the nerve to keep dancing alone like an idiot for often what seems an eternity. Sometimes you may be followed by one or two others who’s sanity you may begin to doubt. But only when you have fully made a fool of yourself, when you feel you are getting nowhere, does that magic moment occur and people take notice of your enthusiasm and join your cause, this is that tipping point when movement and momentum begins.

Taking risks is an important part of innovation as the man said "you cannot discover new lands without being willing to travel a long way from a safe shore"


  1. Great video and great sentiments.
    Can we have a vote for who should start dancing first?