Friday, 24 July 2009

Holiday club Final day

The morning went as well as ever; with Elise demonstrating the difficult art of putting the gospel message over very clearly indeed, in exactly the right tone, and without any pressure at all -Superb!
It was decided this year as a finale to put on an evening event /show demonstrating all that we had done at Holiday Club for parents, carers and siblings and grandparents.
I was dubious as to how many would come but went with the club leaders decision. I need not have worried! We were packed out!
It was fantastic to see the building full with people ,most I guess from the local community, who all seemed to be having a wonderful time .The message of the Holiday Club presented by the children and by Mark one of the leaders came across very clearly indeed .
I doubt any child left the club ,or any adult the evening, feeling that church is boring.
This is what missional church is all about. I feel thankful despite recent upheavals to be involved with a church like this

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