Tuesday, 14 July 2009

all the lonely (older) people

It seems many older people turn to drink in retirement
My guess is because of loss of status, loss of a community that work can provide ,loss of a purpose in life
Whatever the reason it is very sad and again provides the church with an opportunity to serve people by providing community ,and the greatest purpose a human being can have ....living to serve God and our neighbour

"Ministers are being urged to target older people as well as younger "binge" drinkers when trying to tackle the nation's alcohol problem.

"Economic and Social Research Council Experts warn that many people may not be aware of how much they are drinking as the strength of wine and size of glasses have increased in recent years.

Pensioners accounted for 357,300 alcohol-related hospital admissions in England in 2007-8, a 75 per cent rise in just five years.

The survey found that 13 per cent of over-60s said that they had drunk more since retiring.

Of these, one in five, 19 per cent, said that they used alcohol to ease feelings of depression while one in eight, 13 per cent, said that they drank because of bereavement."
Telegraph 14th July

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