Thursday, 23 July 2009

Holiday Club day 3

Didnt make much of the Holiday Club today being engaged in other important church business...but did get back in time for the team lunch which was excellent, and which seems to engender a real sense of togetherness which should not surprise us given the emphasis Jesus puts on food

"This man welcomes sinners and eats with them! "

Anyway above is a picture of the wonderful people who make eating together possible at our Holiday Club and below are some wise words from Rick Warren

What do friends do? They like to eat together. "Let's do lunch." "Let's go out for dinner." "Let's meet for breakfast." "Let's have coffee."
Eating together is a natural and effective avenue for building friendships.
For years we've joked about church potlucks, Sunday morning coffee and doughnuts, teen pizza parties, and vacation Bible school snacks. But recently we've discovered there's more power in eating together than we realized. For small groups in the church, breaking bread together not only builds community, but actually leads to deeper faith.
A recent Gallup survey explored the relationship between friendship and faith. The research confirmed our suspicions. It revealed that church attendees who share meals together exhibit deeper faith characteristics. For instance, those who eat together are 20 percent more likely to share their faith with others. When churches maximize this simple tool (small groups eating together), they will see dramatic results in stronger friendships and stronger faith.
By the way, food results in higher church satisfaction too. Those who share meals together are three times more likely to say they're highly satisfied with their church!"
Rick Warren

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