Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Holiday club day 1

Today was Day 1 of the holiday club; " Showstoppers" held at the church building -It was amazing!
Once again a great team of leaders has been assembled, 37 in all, and a very diverse bunch they are ,people of all ages and abilities doing a whole host of different tasks from music, to cake making, to craft leaders and pupeteers who have come together to teach children of primary age about the bible in general and Jesus in particular.

It was a joy to see this bunch of people using their different gifts in the service of Jesus,it was wonderful to see the preparation that had been put in to making this an exciting and worthwhile week.

When you put as much preparation into this as Melanie and her team have there is always a worry not many children will come, but God answered our prayers and we had almost 70 children in ,many from near the church building.

It really helps us with our aim of being a church at the heart of the community

Roll on tomorrow!

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