Thursday, 29 September 2011

Visit to The Hub

Some time ago I blogged about Altrincham Baptist Churhces The Hub here

Today 3 of us went for a visit to see it in action.

We were met by one of the workers who showed us around and later we had the chance to meet the Hub's manager who is also a church leader at Altrincham Baptist Church

Our visit began with a tour around the building which was flexible,accessible ,well equipped,clearly signposted , and where appropriate, decorated with some taste and even flair! Besides various offices of various church leaders (which they hope will return to the other building when refurbishment is complete) there were kitchens and counselling rooms ,a quiet room and great space for toddlers and young people as well as a cafe which was open for most of the week serving coffee and delicious food (coffee only on Fridays ).

 It wasn't the building that really impressed me though, but the absolute determination of the Christians working there to be good news for the people in that community.Working together with a number of partners, including the local council, they have set out to bless their neighbours.
That is evident in pretty well everything they do from the choice of a neutral name which makes it easier for local people to enter the building, to the fact that the food they serve is wholesome ,delicious and very reasonably priced and and the various  ministries that operate in ,and from, the building

Though they probably dont realise it a number of ministers and others from Altrincham Baptist Church have been very helpful to us over recent years and without perhaps realising it have helped guide us on our journey

Transitioning from  a fairly traditional church which seeks to serve primarily the needs of its membership to one that seeks to share and be good news for  its neighbours, is a tough journey for a church to make .At times it cannot have been easy but I am sure it is one that God has called them to travel. It's exciting and scary to think we are travelling in the same direction!


  1. This is a great post, Charles. There must be a few churches up and down the country heading in this direction. At the end of my last term at St Peter's school, it was my privilege to accompany the youngest children and their teacher, to her church, Penketh Methodist Church near Warrington, which has developed into The Olive Tree community centre:
    The building has several rooms in which activities are held that serve people of all ages. The coffee bar and cafe serves wholesome and inexpensive food and is a great meeting place for the elderly as well as young Mums with babies. The church itself is vibrant and reflects the love of Jesus in that it is inclusive, and attracts people from all walks of life. Lives have been transformed; one or two people have been able to escape from destructive patterns in their past lives, and to develop talents they never realised they had. It is a VERY challenging and scary journey, and may God guide you every step of the way as you follow in His footsteps!"


  2. Thanks Pauline for the encouragement-it is scary but God is Faithful!