Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Our new town centre building!

 Today has been a wonderful autumn day in Shropshire.
In some ways too nice to spend in meetings but they were scheduled anyway and all went well
Following an excellent admin meeting with Liz ,our wonderful admin person, and Jude;Jude and I travelled to the town centre for a meeting with Rob and Steve.  

Steve is the the developers representative, a very helpful and courteous guy, whose forefather helped carry Spurgeon's coffin at his funeral!
Once the meeting was over we went across to the building site,the first time I had visited for a month or so.
I was staggered by the progress in that time. A great deal of work has been done including some plastering ,and there are 2 kitchens and a small but wonderful prayer room as well as meeting rooms of various sizes.Everything designed to help us to be missional in all we do and to put down very deep roots into the local community we are called to serve

I know God does not live in buildings made by human hands,but even so I was very moved by everything I saw.This is going to be a great building from which to serve the  communbity and share Jesus .

At times   had to pinch myself that what we were seeing is real! This is The Lord's doing and the fact that this building is going up and that God has brought weak people like us, through so many struggles to this point, is a huge witness to His love ,grace  and faithfulness
Our continuing task is to make sure everything that happens in the building is to the glory of God!

As we left we saw hundreds of sixth form students streaming out of college ,past our building and into town .Now there is an opportunity to bless people!

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