Friday, 23 September 2011

This weeks CROSSTALK column for Chronicle

For many years Baptists in Shrewsbury have had a dream.

A dream, to replace our old ,and rather worn out building in Claremont st, hidden behind rather forbidding railings, with a brand new, attractive, flexible and accessible building on the same site.

If you are in that part of town you will see that the dream is about to become reality!

Within a few months we hope to be celebrating the opening of the new building ,behind the old front fa├žade.

We have not built this flexible and accessible building to make ourselves more comfortable, but so we can better serve the people who live in, work in, or visit the town centre ,just as we will continue to use our other building in Monkmoor, to bless the people there, for Jesus loves people and calls on our church, and every other church, to love them too.

In time we hope that our building will be open every day of the week and, to that end , we are planning right now, ministries and activities to meet the needs of young and old alike from all sections of the community.

There is nothing new in this, of course ,many other churches are blessing our community in a whole variety of ways already.

However I thought readers might be wondering what is going on behind the hoardings.

When the building is ready we will attempt to do what it says on the poster attached to the hoardings,” build church for the future, build church for the community, build church for you!”

When it opens why not come and have a look for yourself?


  1. Sounds good, Charles! Can visitors pop in from time to time, as well? I used to go and have coffee and biscuits at the old church, on Saturdays before going on to the match- met a lot of nice fellow- Christians, too!

  2. You will be Very welcome Pauline