Thursday, 15 September 2011

Henry Olonga at The Abbey for Alpha

The ancient Abbey Church was very full last night for the visit of Henry Olonga,cricketer and opera singer.
Henry was in Shrewsbury for an Alpha event organised by Dave Mathias, under the auspices, and with the support of, Mission Shrewsbury

His purpose was to highlight the Alpha courses that are about to begin later this month around the town.

Henry had an amazing story story to tell,about his life as a young man growing up in Zimbabawe,about his love of singing, and all sport especially cricket,  and perhaps most interestingly of all of his faith, that caused him at great personal risk, to stand up against the dictator Robert Mugabe by wearing a black armband at the cricket world cup a decision which cost him his cricket carer. you can read more about that episode here

Henry's talk was punctuated by some wonderful songs which captivated the large audience.

The most telling moment for me came in a short question and answer session, when Henry was asked if his protest had made any difference,his answer, in effect, was, possibly very little but sometimes as a Christian you simply need to do what is right and speak out for justice, and for those who can't speak for themselves.
 An answer I am sure the Old Testament prophets would approve of!

Shrewsbury Baptist Church are doing a joint Alpha with The Abbey and St Peters more details can be found

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