Thursday, 9 June 2011

New town centre building

Thursdays is usually the day we meet with the developers (or actually with their very helpful representative whose name is  Steve)
As I have mentioned before I am not really a detail person so many of the finer points of the discussion fly over my head ,though I do enjoy the excellent coffee!

After the meeting our small team had a bacon sandwich together  and then I took the opportunity with Rob to look at the work. Progress is pretty rapid now and I can see big changes every time I go on site.
Front of building
Behind the hoardings

I was also delighted to see that at last the signs are up on the hoardings
There have been so many rumours about us closing the church that hopefully the signs will convince the people of the town that, God willing, Shrewsbury Baptist Church will be there to serve them and share the good news of The Kingdom with them for generations to come!
Tonight we meet again ,this time with the group who are doing a great job of ensuring that the building we get suits God's purposes.

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