Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Loving our neighbour

Over 30 years ago the church ,the minister of the church I belonged to, wanted to undertake a large building project. The proposed  project was unusual for a church at the time, as it was for a large sports hall, and the ministers desire was to build a building that  would be used to bless  the community

As is always the case when something controversial is being discussed ,there was a very large turnout at the meeting, and a large part of the debate was about finance.The issue of whether to go ahead and build the sports hall for the community, was in the balance, until  a deacon stood up and said" If we let the community into the building that will be an entrance for the devil into the church!"

The mention of The Devil scared the church and the sports hall has never been built!

Even then that struck me as an extraordinary thing to say because it assumes

  • the devil is greater than God 
  • engaging with the community will open the door to satan
I some times wonder if Christians who think like this, have got so stuck in a Christian subculture that that they fail to recognise that 
  • The Earth is the Lord's
  • God is at work in the world and not just in the church
Our task is to find what God is doing and join in

That is our calling not simply to attract people into our building which is great!But in whatever we are doing  to serve our God and King out in the community& among our  neighbours

Isnt that what Jesus did?

Thanks to Penny for pointing me in the direction of this short film which captures a lot of what I feel Penny's blog


  1. I am very much in favour of Churches involving themselves in the Community. It's something that we discussed at St Aidan's after watching a series of "Fresh Expressions of Church" videos. Last month, our Reception class teacher arranged a visit to her church at Penketh near Warrington. It is now The Olive Tree Community Centre and church and reaches out to a whole range of people in the local community. I was very impressed. One woman has an amazing testimony coming from a bad start in life and a destructive lifestyle- into the fullness of life in Christ. She is now studying Theology, married to one of the church members and plays an active part in Church life as the leader of mother and toddler groups.

    A community church serves the local popultaion in so many ways. The old and lonely find friends and affordable refreshments in the cafe, young people with special needs have their own club and activities, and the very joyful and welcoming church attracts a lot of families with young children, as there is a very good children's ministry.
    A good community church proves the fact that Jesus came to set us free from Satan's chains, as well as setting the lonely in families and reaching out to those in need.
    It is definitely the way to go!

  2. Thanks Pauline I totally agree