Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Social media and the gospel

I have been running this blog for about 2 years.
I began it as a place to store stuff about Christianity and the church that interested me and may interest others

To start with the numbers reading it were tiny.
They could be measured on the fingers of two hands!
Compared to many other blogs ,including many Christian blogs, the numbers reading 2 years after that first post, are still very small indeed .Nevertheless last month I had  just short of 2000  hits  from 10 different countries on this blog. That is far more than I preached to last month !
So I am persuaded of the value of Christians blogging and sharing thoughts with other people
.I  have also  been blessed and stimulated  by reading other Christian blogs.
When the Internet phenomena started I wondered if it was a fad,but I have been long persuaded it is here to stay and will shape our lives for good or ill.It is part of a Christians  task to make sure it is for good.

The video below shows how much the web in general, and social  media in particular, are changing our lives

Andy who many years ago was in the youth group at Ross Baptist Church (where I was pastor) has just started a blog and his first post is a challenge to Christians to use social media more in the service of The Kingdom- in fact he has written a hymn about it! Andy's blog

My colleague Steve ( who I think it's fair to say is not as keen as I am on using social media) kindly sent me this link which I will add to this post
why social media matters


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for linking to my post on social media, I'm glad you found it constructive. I think you're completely right when you talk about the scale of the use of social media - it is definitely something we need to continue to grapple with.


  2. No thank you David! It is an excellent post