Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Street Pastors Shrewsbury

Street Pastors are coming to Shrewsbury !

We are not the first town in the area to do it,and  what is interesting is that the police and the town centre people (who had seen the positive  effect of this ministry in other towns nearby) were very keen to have Street Pastors in Shrewsbury.
 One of the reasons was to contribute to preventing further deaths in the river late on weekend evenings

Church leaders, including the local Bishop, have enthusiastically embraced the concept

Last night there was a meeting to explain to local Christians just what Street Pastors is all about,how it can benefit our town and the community, and what Christians can do to get involved, and above all how to train to become a street pastor

We heard from people involved in Street Pastors in both Telford and Stafford as well as from the local police and others.

The organisers were very pleased with the turnout of about 70 people from a wide variety of local churches.
I gather about 30 poeple expressed an interest in the training which is brilliant.

Shrewsbury Baptist Church is one of about 7 churches so far committed to this ministry ,though after last night that number will probably grow .

A good number from our church were present (including  my colleague Steve who is on the steering committee) and we are excited because this ministry may eventually be based at out new town centre building,.as it is very close to the big clubs and pubs in the centre of town.

Exciting times!

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